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  • Las Vegas Educational Article of the Month - How To Kill A Opossum

How To Kill A Opossum

How To Kill A Opossum

If you have a Las Vegas opossum in your garden then it is truly a cause of concern. Because they are a real pest and they literally dig through garbage to find out the food and can cause damage to fences and plants. Some people would like to kill the opossum instantaneously the minute they see it. But the thing is that even though we know Nevada opossum causes damage, they are nocturnal animals too. They do not like to be in sight of people and avoid contact.

Here we will show you different ways of killing an opossum:

1. Shooting an Opossum
This is the most common way of killing a Las Vegas opossum. But it is not one of the most straightforward ways. The reason behind it is that opossum will not be visible during the day so you would have to spend some time at night at outdoors for the Nevada opossum to appear and then shoot it. The dirty part about it is that they bleed a lot and you would have to do a cleaning job afterwards as there can be a possibility of blood borne diseases.

2. Lethal Traps and poison
This is another option that can be used to get rid of Las Vegas opossum. You can easily make opossum your target if you poison the garbage because they always go through that. But the problem here is that there is no particular or registered poison available in the market for killing opossum. Another possibility is that the opossum will not die instantaneously and can go to someplace else which makes it unpredictable and dangerous. Another option is to use lethal trap to kill the Nevada opossum. But you may end up killing a similar sized different animal because they can also enter the lethal trap. So, this is not the most effective way to kill the opossum and it is also cruel and inhumane.

The thing here is that although most people are eager to kill Las Vegas opossum whenever they see it, but it is not the right way. There are a lot of drawbacks related to it. You would have to disinfect the whole area after killing it and if the opossum bleeds out then you would have to clean the area. There is a lot of hassle in it. So you should go with prevention or live trapping of the Nevada opossum. That is always better.

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