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  • Las Vegas Educational Article of the Month - Skunk Repellent

Skunk Repellent

Skunk Repellent

Are you tired of skunk in your beautiful Las Vegas garden, yard and deck? There are many ways to get them out of the property that includes uses of repellents, trapping and home repairing. Here some of the useful repellents are described that can be used for scaring and keeping the cute but smelly and furry creature skunk away from the Nevada garden and house. The repellents can be of many types such as electronics and naturals, all are discussed here.

Natural Repellents

Critter Ridder:
This is an effective and powerful Las Vegas skunk deterrent available in all the forms such as granules and ready to use spray. This repellent has pepper in it as ingredients which when touched, tasted or breath by the skunk, they feel a burning like sensation that keeps them away from it and never think of coming back. The smell of this product is not offensive to human beings.

Shake Away:
This is another safe and 100% natural repellent that can be used to repel the Las Vegas skunks. Available in Amazon this product is in the form of granules that should be sprinkled in the suspected places and that is all. It has a strong and long lasting smell that irritates the skunk and they are forced to leave the place.

Repels-All granule:
This is made with several types of ingredients that all together causes an irritation to the nasal passage of Las Vegas skunk and they try to leaving the place as soon as possible. You will get this product in several pet and gardening stores. These all are natural repellents which are good to use but chances are that once the strong smell and power of them are gone, it will be of no use and you need to spray it again. Also once the Nevada skunks get used to the smell; it will not cause them any irritation.

Electronic Repellents

Havahart Spray Away Elite II:
The advantage of using electronic repellents is it does not require reapplication like the natural repellents rather just install it once and that is enough. This Havahart Spray Away Elite II is an effective eco friendly repellent that releases sudden burst of water along with noise and motion as soon as it detects any Las Vegas skunk. It normally frightens the skunks and they leave the place soon.

Havahart Spray Away 2.0:
This repellent makes use of the same technology to frighten the Nevada skunk. It has a sensor the angle of which can be adjusted as per your needs. But all these repellents do not work well, so it is suggested to use different types of bait and live cage to catch them and then leave them 10 miles away from your house.

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