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  • Las Vegas Educational Article of the Month - How To Get Squirrel Out Of Your Attic

How To Get Squirrel Out Of Your Attic

How To Get Squirrel Out Of Your Attic

The furry creature squirrel looks really beautiful outside the Las Vegas home but as they make their way inside the house, we all keep looking for ways to draw them out otherwise they will completely destroy the home. While repellents are effective way to get rid of them, but the best option is to prevent them from getting inside or else trapping to release them far away from the Nevada residence.

Here are the best 5 ways to get the squirrel out of your attic

1. First, seal all the openings and holes at the attic through which Las Vegas squirrels can easily get through. Make use of wire mesh fencing to cover the chimney and any other vents. But there should be at least one exit point so that the squirrels that are already inside the home can come out. The panic stricken Nevada squirrels will be less inclined to make an entry at the home again if they can feel that this place is no longer safe for them.

2. Create an exit point using a wire mesh fencing or funnel made by hard paper. The wide side of the funnel should be attached to the remaining hole in the attic and place some foods outside the funnel. The foods will attract the squirrels and they will easily come out of the attic. Thus they will soon evacuate the Nevada house.

3. The squirrels can be scared using high decibel sounds from the radio or ultrasonic repellents as they will think it as human voice and will stay far from it. The attic of your Nevada home will become unbearable to them for this reason but once they become accustomed to it, this step might become less effective.

4. Flashing light at the attic is another helpful way to get rid of the Nevada squirrels. Leave the light on in the attic and those Las Vegas squirrels that are scared of humans will run away. Also you can install a flash strobe light or else a pulsating strobe light for a better result. The reason is sudden and bright flashes of light will scare the furry creature and they will leave the place.

5. Trapping is another best way to remove Las Vegas squirrel from your attic. Place a small size live cage trap in a hidden place in the attic, put some fruits inside it so as to make the trap appealing to the squirrels. As they are captured in the trap, release them far away from your home.

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